Women in Power

At this time in the United States, for the first time, a woman has a big shot at becoming president.

I don’t want to state my political opinions here, but I do want to acknowledge how long it has taken for such a thing to be possible.

Many writers have commented on the cheap shots taken at Clinton in the course of her campaign and her entire career based on her sex.

All of her career moves aside, criticism based on her voice being “shrill” or how much makeup she wears is simply sexist. Not only is commenting on her physical appeal or lack thereof a strawman, but it is vilifying the crone stage of a woman’s life.

For every snide comment about a woman who is still demanding attention past her child-bearing years, how many women out there will receive a subtle blow to their self-worth?

Too many.

This is a call to honor the crone, and to celebrate EVERY stage of a woman’s life.